Tanya Memme's Guide to Removing Tough Stains Pt. 2

1. How to get crayon off a wall.
Tanya's daughter loves to draw on the wall, so Tanya has had to explore various solutions. Option A. Wall erasers (Mr. Clean & Generic Brands. We used a generic brand). Dampen sponge with water and rub until stain is gone.

Option B. WD-40. Spray onto a rag or directly onto wall. Rub off with clean cloth.

Option C. Baking Soda & Water. Make a paste and scrub lightly using a clean cloth.

2. How to get coffee stains out of a white cotton shirt when you can't get it to a washer or dry cleaner immediately.
Step A. Immediately blot with Baby Wipes (Always keep them in your car. We used a Box store's generic brand) concentrating on the edges of the stain and working your way in. This will remove most of the coffee.)

Step B. Pour light colored beer onto the remaining stain and rub out with baby wipes. Wash when you can.

3. How to get gum out of a carpet
Step A. Using a table knife, smear peanut butter completely around gum. Then, working WITH the grain of the carpet, work the gum up into a ball pulling upwards from the edges until it is almost completely gone. Then carefully pick out the remaining bits.

Step B. Use a light mixture of dish detergent (We used Dawn) and warm water with a clean cloth to wash the oily residue. NOTE: if there are any gum bits left in the fiber, squeeze lemon juice (directly from the lemon) to break up the small bits.

Option C. As an alternative to the Peanut Butter technique, spray GOO GONE directly onto the gum and follow the above directions, using a table knife to pull the gum up. Finish with detergent and lemon juice.

Removing Household Stains with Tanya Memme Part 2

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