Tanya Memme’s DIY Snow Globe Stocking Holder


  • Plastic ornament ball
  • 3x3 Square wooden block
  • White spray paint
  • Gold paint pen
  • Decorative knob
  • Drill/hammer
  • Nail
  • Decorative trinkets to go inside globe
  • Sparkling confetti (snow flakes)
  • Permanent glue
  • Command damage free hanging adhesive


  1. Trace opening of globe onto wooden block
  2. Spray paint block white
  3. Put nail into hole in doorknob with drill, then nail into the block
  4. Glue trinkets to wooden block
  5. Dot glue on inside of globe with toothpick, put glitter confetti in, shake off excess
  6. Glue globe to circle you drew on block
  7. Add ribbon
  8. Put adhesive on the bottom of the block and set on mantle

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