Tanya Memme's DIY Jar Head Decor

What Things Will We Need?
• Jar
• Printer • Laminate/laminator • Hair • Scissors How Do We Start?

  1. Find a suitable jar. It should be about head sized—about 5 gallons (or 5 liters). Jars that size are often used for storage containers or water-cooler bottles. You can find them new in most retail stores that have kitchen supplies, or try Goodwill or Salvation Army.Aside from not being leaky, quality is not important: the cheaper it looks, the better! The imperfections in the glass or plastic will distort features and be extra creepy looking.
  2. Find a head.We are scanning our own face! First determine the direction your scanner scans. Most go from right to left. If so, place your right ear on the scanner bed, and start the scan. As the scan light moves across the bed, rotate your head so that it stays illuminated.Here's a tip: if you scan at a higher resolution, the scan will be much slower, making it easier to track the scanner as it moves.
  3. Print it out. Once you've got your face texture ready, edited, and prepped for pickling, scale the face to a realistic size and then print it out.
  4. Measure your eye-to-eye distance, then scale the drawing to the same approximate size. Eyes are somewhere between one and two inches apart, for most people.
  5. Slash your face. With deadly sharp scissors, cut your face out. You may laminate the paper to make it a little more rigid, or simply print it out on card stock or a heavy paper.
  6. For extra creepiness, get some fake eyeballs, and put them into the eye sockets...or let them float freely. Bottle your head. Roll the face up and drop it into the jar. Stuff the jar with paper so that the picture is flattened against the inner surfaces of the glass.
  7. Not gross enough yet? Add the hair. You can use theatrical hair like the kind you'll find in a Halloween store, but it may look too fake. You can also use real hair that you can probably get for free, right from the floor of your local barbershop or beauty salon.
  8. Display your dead head proudly. For a final touch place it somewhere visible so that it will creep people out.

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