Tamara's Tips for making your ArtGlass Clay Creations

• Powder is 99% glass powder with a small amount of food-grade binder, that's what makes it behave like clay. Once fired, the piece is 100% glass.
• Each jar is 2 oz., and costs between $12 and $18. • You can make 4-5 large pieces or 6-8 smaller pieces from one jar. • Pieces shrink about 20% after firing. • Brush molds with a little bit (not much!) of olive oil to aid in the releasing of the clay. • The larger your kiln, the larger the pieces you are able to fire. I do recommend the (Microwave Kiln recommended by Paula...the Paragon MagicFuse Microwave Igloo-style kiln, costs about $160.00 and you can get it here:

• Pierce any holes in the clay before it is dry or fired. If you wait until after firing, you'll need to use diamond-tipped drill bits. • After the clay is dry, it can be sanded and filed to refine edges. Use small metal files, or even emery boards. • Molds help you make beautiful shapes with minimal effort! You can also mold the clay into beads or whatever shapes you like with your hands or what you have around the house. • Make your first few pieces simple, with only one color. After you master the molding and firing process, you can add multiple colors...go wild! For more from tips and crafts from Tamara Berg visit:

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