Tamara Berg's Faux Tree Tips

Why a Fake Tree?
1. They are ecofriendly - usually made from recycled materials and are recyclable
2. Fire resistant
3. Reusable/easy to store
4. In the long run they are a money saver

Lights first, garlands second, ornaments third, and topper last.
1. Lights - Pre-lit - OR - Spiral method, up and down method, each branch - Decide how many sides of the tree will be seen - (One 100 light strings for each foot of the tree).
2. Garlands - accent the lights and the ornaments
3. Ornaments
4. Arrange ornaments inside of the tree, not just at the points
5. 10 Themed, Keepsake, or Large ornaments every 2 feet of tree.
6. 20 filler ornaments for every 2 feet of tree - "Filler Ornaments" - small ornaments in between Themed, Keepsake or Large ornaments.
7. Topper pulls your overall theme together

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