Tamara Berg: Viva Decor Wedding Crafts

Step by Step Perlen-Pen:
1. Hold the pen top in an upright position and slowly squeeze the color out of the pen top until the pearl drop is the desired size.
2. Within seconds the drop of color develops the shape of a half pearl.

Mirror Paint
Viva Decor Mirror Paint is a totally innovative new product that transforms simple glass or acrylic items into fascinating mirror objects. Specially developed to deliver a "silver-plated" effect you can even give opaque surfaces like storm lamps and lanterns a beautiful antique mirror-effect.
Step by step
Apply a small quantity of Viva Decor Mirror Paint color onto a waterproof subsurface and using a square sponge, apply the color on to the sponge until it absorbs some color.
The color is then applied to your chosen object by gently dabbing the inside portion until it is covered with a light damp film. To achieve an opaque mirror effect let the first coat dry for at least 30 minutes and then apply a second coat of color - when decorating acrylic balls etc: let the objects dry with the decorated area pointing upwards.
For best results:

1. Shake well before use.
2. Before applying mirror paint clean all glass and acrylic surfaces, with washing liquid or alcohol.
3. Please wash your hand and do not use hand cream before using mirror paint.
4. All subsurface must be clean, grease free and dry. Also remove all residual color, glue or stickers before applying mirror paint.
5. Allow mirror paint to dry naturally, do not use any heat source i.e. heat gun or blow-dryer.

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