Learn how to create a Tabletop Meditation Garden to help renew your bodies and souls for the new year.
Tabletop Meditation Gardens
Meditation, Health & Wellness, Garden


  • Shallow tray
  • Fine, white or colored, sand
  • Decor: a mini statue, large rock, water feature, smaller rocks
  • Optional DIY mossy stone: rock, fake moss, glue
  • Interactive tools: rake, stamps, etc.


  • Plan the design of your garden. This is a very important step so that you don’t have to clean up sand and gravel anytime you want to change something.
  • Fill the shallow tray with the sand.
  • Start putting different decorative elements. Start with the large focal point. This could be stones, pieces of slate that you can stack, a statue, even a small water element. (if you want your focal point to be the big stone and you want a water feature around it, then create a channel for the water by shaping the areas of sand around it.
  • Optional DIY: spray the top of your mini rocks with spray glue and place moss over it. This will give it a beautiful ‘aged’ feel.
  • Use your interactive tools to create beautiful designs in the sand. If you don’t like your pattern, you can always start again with the sand. Hopefully, it will free your mind from what you are presently worried about as you focus on the design!
How to Start a Garden
How to Start a Garden