Support For Our Nation’s Military Caregivers

Calls to Action

  1. Inspired to support military caregivers? Want to learn more? Visit to donate, access local services and supports, find caregiving resources, tools and tips, or volunteer to lend a hand to caregivers in your neighborhood.
  2. Easter Seals Community OneSource is a free service that connects veterans and their families with organizations to will meet their urgent needs. For personal support, call 866-423-4981 or email us at
  3. Join Senator Dole’s coalition to support military caregivers. Learn more at Why?
  4. We’re sparking a movement on behalf of our hidden heroes, military caregivers. It’s a cause that our nation has neglected for too long. It’s time to communicate to our caregivers that they’re not alone and there’s an entire community galvanizing to better support them—all pioneered by Senator Dole.
  5. With every segment throughout the week, Easter Seals and the Elizabeth Dole Foundation are encouraging “Home and Family” viewers to join the movement to support the more than 5.5 million military caregivers who provide assistance and comfort to wounded veterans. They need it.
  6. There’s power in numbers. There’s not a single stop for military caregivers seeking help. That’s why Easter Seals and the Dole Foundation are teaming up to support our military caregivers. Likewise, by connecting military caregivers to their peers we build a coalition of support.
  7. There are 5.5 million caregivers to veterans and service members, spanning all generations of service. These caregivers provide just under $14 billion in uncompensated care annually. Those are costs society would otherwise inherit.
  8. This is a societal crisis that deserves a holistic national response.
  9. Help is on the way. Senator Dole and her foundation are serving as a catalyst, formulating research, bringing organizations together to offer support to caregivers, and connecting military caregivers to direct service providers like Easter Seals and many others.
  10. Senator Dole is leading a movement to impact the lives of military caregivers. Easter Seals is a lead partner and was founded on a movement and continues to be driven by this mission. For nearly a century, Easter Seals has advocated equality for people of all abilities.
  11. Easter Seals and Senator Dole share a commitment to providing military caregivers with the right resources to thrive in their communities. Senator Dole is partnering with leaders like Jim and organizations like Easter Seals who support caregivers every day. The current partnership with Easter Seals, and the additional commitments it is making to caregivers is a perfect example of the movement in action.

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