Dr. Sonia Batra is giving you common ways to treat your skin when it comes to mosquito bites and poisonous foliage.


There are some dangerous plants to watch out for during the Summer Months, like Poison Ivy, Poison Oak and Poison Sumac. But if you do come into contact with them, check out these tips.

• Wear pants, long sleeves, and, shoes and socks when in areas where the plants grow.
• Wash your clothes and shoes right after you have been in areas where the plants grow.

• If you know you’ve been exposed, wash with cold water and soap ASAP
• Oatmeal baths can help with itching, as can cold compresses
• Using calamine lotion or corticosteroid cream on the skin can also help soothe the itch

Clear away standing water and repair screens, windows, doors and camping gear.

Most reactions to insect bites cause little more than redness, itching, stinging or minor swelling. Occasionally a mosquito bite causes a large area of swelling, soreness and redness.
• Avoid outdoor activities when they're most active, dusk to dawn
• Use mosquito netting over strollers and beds or when sleeping outdoors
These nets are very inexpensive ($4 - $20) and widely available at Target, Walmart or online.
• Wear long sleeved shirts, long pants, closed toe shoes and socks when possible
• Use a mosquito repellent containing DEET
• Apply a lotion, cream or paste. Calamine lotion or nonprescription hydrocortisone cream can help ease the itch. Or try dabbing the bite with a paste made of baking soda and water. Reapply until your symptoms go away.
• Apply a cool compress or a cold pack for a few minutes.
• For stronger reactions, try a nonprescription antihistamine (Benadryl, Chlor-Trimeton, others)

Tip: Use mosquito netting over strollers, cribs, playpens and beds
Tip: Use a soothing lotion and an antihistamine if needed

• Clean area with mild soap and water and dry thoroughly
• Apply a protective ointment like Aquaphor and cover with a bandage.
• Use Krazy Glue on cuts! as it contains the same molecule as liquid Band-Aid. This can be a great solution for superficial cuts, as long as the injury isn’t located along a joint where the skin is constantly being pulled taut. Pinch the scrape together and dabbed a small amount of Krazy Glue over it. The glue seals the cut and helps to keep dirt and debris out until it heals. This is especially helpful in the summer, since my kids spend many days at the beach and pool.

Tip: Use Krazy Glue© as a substitute for liquid Band-Aid© products
Tip: Protective ointments help prevent infection and scabs

Most times no. Your body has a great ability to heal infection. And many people have reactions to ointments that contain ingredients many people are allergic to. A greasy ointment like Aquaphor does not contain any harmful ingredients and it forms a barrier to prevent dirt and debris from getting in the wound, AND it helps prevent scabbing.

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