A kid-friendly DIY from Tanya Memme.


  • Wood round painted brass
  • Clear plastic bowl
  • DIY made fish or toy
  • Wood glue
  • Glass beads (as bubbles)

Submarine Window Wall Art - Home & Family


Step 1: Glue the wood plugs around the 18" round then spray paint (or brush paint) your 18" round piece of wood and wood plugs copper metallic paint to create the submarine look window.

Step 2: Trace the inside of your camera dome/bowl. Cut out craft foam to match the size. Or find a plate or something round that fits inside the window and use that to create the template.

Step 3: cut out the circle (background) out of craft foam and create the waves with peel n stick craft foam. trim to make the perfect circle.

Step 4: Arrange fish toy embellishments, create your underwater scene. (glue googly eyes if you wish)

Step 5: Once you've finalized your scene, start to glue the pieces to the back of the craft foam. Cut the fish in half or cut the fins on one side so they lay flatter on the background.

Step 6: Finally, glue your camera dome/bowl using hot glue. NOTE: Dab the glue in 4 spots around the globe to create the cleanest look.

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