Storybook Sheets with Tanya Memme

What materials will we need?
You'll need your bed sheet set, stencils, fabric paints, paint rollers, paint pan, Velcro, needle and thread, and what ever sequins or other detailing you want for the trim on the top sheet.
Where can we find these materials and about how much do they cost?
You can find everything we have here at craft stores, like Michael's and JoAnn's Fabric Stores. You can always source online, too. The prices are incredibly fair, starting at around $2.00 for the painting materials and $5.00 for the stencils.
Should we prepare the sheets differently if they are brand new?
Yes! If you are working with brand new sheets, then you need to run them through one wash and dry cycle before you start painting. This will help the paint adhere to the fabric better.
Is there a trick to preventing each color from bleeding in to one another?
You need to let each color dry completely before you start with a new one.
How did you make the Velcro strip on the trim of the top sheet?
You can buy iron-on Velcro, but I suggest taking the time to sew on the Velcro, as the more you wash the sheets, the glue will eventually start to deteriorate and the Velcro strip will pull away from the fabric. You can take sequins, feathers, or any detailing you want that goes with the colors and the theme of the sheets. Sew them on to the strip and then attach the strip to its counterpart that is already attached to the sheet!
How do we take care of the Velcro strip?
It's so easy. You just take the Velcro strip off of the sheet when it comes time to wash the sheets. You can even take the strip off at night, so your child doesn't damage the detailing while they sleep. This also gets rid of any choking risk, should some of the detailing come off at night.
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