Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Girls with Kym Douglas

Stocking stuffers are often left to the last minute and you just grab whatever is at the counter. Start now, to give yourself time to plan. And, all these great products can be ordered online.

  1. Chic Buds, Luv Buds Style Chicbuds, earbuds with mic's- no-tangle flat cords Super colorful, sparkly fun earbuds designed exclusively for girls and young women, so you can listen to music in girl style. Are there a choice of design styles? Lots in super trendy styles all designed for girls and young women. These are Luv Buds. And, this company is an all women for women enterprise. What do they cost? $15 Where do we get them?
  2. Slim Power Portable Phone Charger Portable emergency power for the modern girl on the gab. Slim like a credit card, but fashionable and convenient. The same for-women company that makes the earbuds, so they know what chatty girls need.
  3. Slim power delivers emergency power for your phone. How does it work? Charges off a laptop with a USB cord. Has a separate port for your mobile phone cord. Does it work on all phones? Has a universal cord. Works on most phones. What does it cost? $25 Where do we get it? Online at and there are many new designs you can pre-order now.
  4. Flickable Lip Gloss Is this a moisturizing gloss? Yes and never sticky! It's super light for young girls. Contains Vitamin E, heals, and conditions. And!!! It plumps your lips with Coolact®, an all-natural ingredient that stimulates nerve receptors increasing circulation and giving a super cool, fun sensation. Lollypop shaped lip gloss in five colors. Are these peta approved? Yes, made at PETA approved labs in the USA; cruelty-free. What do they cost? Under $20. Where do we get them?
  5. Bo-Po Peel Off Nail Polish Spill resistant bottle, peels off in seconds. Is it non toxic? Yes and no polish remover or harsh chemicals required. It's child-safe. Does it dry quickly? 1 minute! How many colors do they come in? Ten fantastic colors like grape soda and razzamatazz, plus three very light tints. What do they cost? $4 each or a package of 8 for $25. Where do we get them?
  6. Leg Avenue What is a Christmas stocking without socks? Leg Avenue fun socks. There are so many styles including knee highs and anklets. What do they cost? From $9-$14. Where do we get them?

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