Stenciling Home Décor with Melanie Royals


  • Royal Design Studio Stencils
  • Royal Design Studio Roller
  • Modello Stencil Cream
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Royal Design Studio Paintbrushes

1. Place small amount of Stencil Cream on a plastic or paper plate.

2. Don’t over load your brush with paint. Dob brush on plate to get rid of excess paint.

3. Affix stencil to wall with painter’s tape.

4. Use light, even pressure in a circular motion to apply paint.

5. Remove Stencil.

Helpful Hints for Stenciling
1. Stencils are cost effective and reusable.

2. You can stencil floors, ceilings, and furniture, even fabric!

3. Overall pattern, repeated randomly, a focal point, or layered with multiple colors.

4. Stencil Cream is paint with a creamy formula that gives better coverage than regular paint. It also dries faster, and gives less build up on brushes and rollers.

5. Use rollers for large coverage and brushes for smaller areas.

6. Off-loading brush to distribute paint evenly on brush and to ensure proper amount on paint is on the brush.

7. Use really good paper towels that will absorb paint from stencil brush.

8. Trace your stencil on paper, copy image and tape to your wall so you can see what your design will look like, so you can make appropriate changes.

9. Depth of color can be misleading. Lift edge of stencil periodically to check for desired depth of color.

10. If you are painting with a brush that has not been overloaded with paint, there should be no seepage under the stencil.

11. Clean up with soap and water. There are tools you can buy to help clean stencils, but a Scotchbrite pad will do the job. Let brushes soak for a brief period of time. Swirl brush around and clean immediately.

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