Stacie Krajchir-Tom Holiday Tipping Etiquette

Tipping Considerations:
1. Start By Tipping Your Key Players First (Those Who Are Of Most Service To You Year Round).
2. Your Budget: First And Foremost, You Shouldn't Feel Obligated To Go Beyond Your Personal Budget.
3. The Quality And Frequency Of The Service You Receive.
4. How You Tip Throughout The Year.
5. Your Relationship With The Service Provider.

Is There An Etquette To Tipping?
Do not hand cash over put in envelope; a short handwritten note of appreciation should always accompany any gift or tip.
Do You Have Suggestions For Those Whose Budgets Do Not Allow For Tips This Year?
With a little creativity you can accommodate everyone on your list this year without blowing your budget. Consider homemade gifts. If you're not good with crafts or in the kitchen, remember that words are always a great way to express your thanks for a year of good service, a handwritten card.
Lets Go Over Some Common Holiday Tipping Situations..And Who To Tip And How Much..
Suggested Tip: Cost Of One Weeks Pay
Full-time babysitters should get one week of pay. Babysitters you use less frequently should receive a tip equivalent to the amount of time you use them per week. You can also include a small gift from your child.

Baby Sitter

Suggested Tip: One Week's Pay
Depends on frequency, if she always rescues you tip one weeks pay and a small gift based on her personal interested (book of movie passes, gift card) if part time can tip equivalent of one night's pay and a nice card.


Suggested Tip: One Week's Pay
Offer the equivalent of one week's pay, plus a gift if the housekeeper has worked with your family for years.


Suggested Tip: Gift/Gift Cards
1. Check with school policy.
2. Small gift and handwritten note from your child
3. Pool together with other parents for maximum gift idea (spa day, something relating to her specific interest)


Suggested Tip: Cost Of One Session
If you regularly visit the same manicurist, give them a cash tip equal to the amount of one session. Or give a personal gift based on interest; did she just have a child? Does she love the movies?
Delivery Person (Ups, Fed Ex, Us Postal Service)
Suggested Tip: No Cash Tip Ever. Can Give Baked Goods Or Small Gift Under $20 Value

Home Caretaker

Suggested Tip: Gift Or One Week's Pay
1. Check with agency first
2. If okay to receive cash, one weeks pay.
3. Or thoughtful gift/ gift card

Nursing Home

Suggested Tip: Gift
Gift shared by staff is always safest bet and can be shared with all- gourmet food gift basket.


Suggested Tip: One Visit's Pay
1. Depends of your personal relationship, how often you go
2. Cash or gift
3. Cost of one visit divided by all who work on you


Suggested Tip: Gift Or One Session
1. Up to one session or small gift
2. You can put thought into everyone's personal interest and put some creative thought into a gift.

Dog Walker

Suggested Tip: One Weeks Pay
1. Depends on frequency, if full time, one weeks pay /small gift
2. If only here and there, a nice holiday card and baked goods is nice.

Pool Cleaner

Cost Of One Cleaning To Be Split Among Team

Suggested Tip: Cost Of One Visit
A landscaper should get the cost of one visit. If there is a team, consider giving $10 to $20 each depending on the service and relationship.

Trash Collector
Suggested Tip: $10 To $20 Each Or Baked Goods
Different rules may apply for public service workers so check first to be safe.

Suggested Tip: $20 To $100
Tipping depends on you much you have used them during the year. Those who reside in large cities tend to spend more than suburbanites. Doormen and handymen should get $50 to $100.

Are There Tipping No No's?
Maybe you shouldn't be the first one on the block to give the mail carrier a thong. Avoid any gifts having to do with sex, politics or religion, unless you're absolutely positive they won't be taken the wrong way. Think twice before you tip with corporate swag from the office or regifting. For instance, the duffel bag with a corporate logo. The logo is another way of saying "compliments of." How personal is that? It's not. Cash is always in good taste, but make it personal by placing it in an envelope with a handwritten card. No one feels comfortable having bills stuffed into their hand, it's bad etiquette.
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