Spring Cleaning Tips from Viewers

Viewers Share their Spring Cleaning Tips

1) From Denise Powers Murray – The first thing you do, before you start cleaning, is to open all the windows to let the stale air out, and the fresh air in!

2) From Betty Black Sizemore – Call a Housekeeper!

3) From Brenda Kibling Martini – I use dryer sheets to clean my windows. Wet them and wash the windows, then rinse with a wet rag and dry with a paper towel or newspaper. This keeps my windows dust-free for a long time!

4) From Tia Stafford Dugan – Get your kids involved. Mix baking soda and vinegar in the toilet and let them watch it react. Then, have them scrub it. They are the perfect height for the toilet.

5) From Lori McKeown – Throughout the year we put things we no longer use in storage and then have a yard sale or donate the items. It reduces clutter so it’s easy to keep your house tidy all year... it allows us time to enjoy Spring and our family!

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