Spring Allergy Season Do’s And Don’ts

What can you do?
1. Reduce Exposure
• Wear a mask when you work outside or in the garden.
• Regular baths for pets who roam outside to wash off pollen. • Avoid using window fans to cool rooms, because they can pull pollen indoors. • Keep car windows closed when driving, use AC to avoid allergens. • Limit time outdoors when pollen counts are highest. 2. Wash Pollen Off
• Shower before going to bed to get rid of pollen.
• Wash clothes more often. • Use Saline pots to flush out pollen from your sinuses at the end of the day. noniodized salt with water for saline pot

3. Allergy Shots
• Medical approach – the idea behind allergy shots is that you get a little bit of whatever you're allergic to so that you can build up a tolerance.

4. For Allergy Symptoms, OTC Support...Nasacort
• This one, NASACORT, used to be prescription only and is now available OTC, 24 hour relief from allergy symptoms.
• Nasacort blocks more antihistamines. Visit the American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology for regular updates on the pollen counts in your area!

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