Sophie Uliano's Simple Ways to Save Money While Saving the Earth

1. There is no reason that trees need to be cut down anymore for paper towels and toilet paper. You can now purchase AFFORDABLE paper products that are made of 100% recycled paper. It just makes sense. I love White Could Green Earth bath tissue.

  • White Cloud GreenEarth bath tissue: $3.98 at (6 triple-roll pack)
  • White Cloud GreenEarth paper towels: $2.97 at (2 pack)

2. Plastic is a real issue on our planet. The main problem is ONE-TIME use plastic disposables. There is no reason why we need to use disposable water bottles anymore. Save money and the environment by purchasing a Mavea Water Filter Jug and simply use tap water instead of bottled.

3. CFL light bulbs are the curly ones that replaced incandescent bulbs as the energy-saving way to go, but now there's an LED bulb, which lasts for well over 20 years! Here are 2 bulbs that I love:

4. How do we cut down water usage and our monthly bill? With water rates getting higher, we need to take action! The eco-flow shower-head can save up to $100 off your ever-increasing water bill and pays for itself in 6 months.

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