How-To Knit Kym's Infinity Scarf
• Use size 19 Needles
• Cast on 11 stitches • Knit until you have finished 2 skeins of yarn How Do You Get The Lacy Effect?
It's a simple yarn over stitch, which gives a lacey effect.
• Use size 17 needles • Cast on 9 stitches • Knit the first row • Next row: knit 2 stitches together, then 1 YO (yarn over) stitch for 8 stitches.
• Knit the last stitch.
• Repeat until you have finished 2 skeins of yarn. Check Sophie out at Follow Sophie Uliano on Twitter @SophieUliano, find her on Facebook at GorgeouslyGreen, and check her out on Pintrest: GorgeouslyGreen.