Sophie Uliano's "Eat This, Not That"

  1. Soda Stream Machine• Great alternative to soda, even Diet Coke is making American’s fat• Soda Stream Machine is a great alternative to sodas.
  2. Sprouted Wheat Toast• Sprouted Wheat Toast for 2 slices is 120 cals. vs. 1 Bagel = 380 cals.
  3. Granola/Protein/Energy Bars• Granola bars can be packed with sugars• Protein bars (Why Whey/Hemp instead of Soy, talks dangers of Soy Protein)• Energy Bars are extremely high in calories
  4. Snack Alternative: Roasted Flavored Almonds Vs. Chips• Talk about benefits of raw nuts over pre-roasted/seasoned nuts.• Season raw Almonds with Braggs Amino Acids for a savory healthy flavoring.
Sophie Uliano - Eat This, Not That

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