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Sophie Uliano's "Eat This, Not That"

Sophie Uliano's "Eat This, Not That"

  1. Soda Stream Machine• Great alternative to soda, even Diet Coke is making American’s fat• Soda Stream Machine is a great alternative to sodas.
  2. Sprouted Wheat Toast• Sprouted Wheat Toast for 2 slices is 120 cals. vs. 1 Bagel = 380 cals.
  3. Granola/Protein/Energy Bars• Granola bars can be packed with sugars• Protein bars (Why Whey/Hemp instead of Soy, talks dangers of Soy Protein)• Energy Bars are extremely high in calories
  4. Snack Alternative: Roasted Flavored Almonds Vs. Chips• Talk about benefits of raw nuts over pre-roasted/seasoned nuts.• Season raw Almonds with Braggs Amino Acids for a savory healthy flavoring.

Check Sophie out at SophieUliano.com. Follow Sophie Uliano on Twitter @SophieUliano, find her on Facebook at GorgeouslyGreen, and check her out on Pinterest: GorgeouslyGreen.

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