Sophie Uliano's Do's & Don'ts of Sunscreen

What’s The Truth About Those High SPF Numbers?
• Many sunscreens use a high SPF as a marketing tool.
• Many health professionals now agree that there’s no such thing as an SPF above 30. • If you buy SPF 100 over SPF 50, you may think you're getting double the protection. But you're actually only getting 1 percent more — which, doctors say, doesn't make a real difference. • And the FDA agrees: There's no evidence that anything over SPF 50 protects you any better. Yet the SPF 70s, 80s, 100 — even 110 — often cost you more at the store. SAVE YOUR MONEY, STICK TO SPF 30!

• Experts say those big promises of “waterproof” and “ultra sweatproof” are misleading too, making you think that you don't have to reapply. So reapply every 2 hours.

Sunscreen with Sophie Uliano

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