Sophie Uliano's DIY Chemical Free All Purpose Cleaner

Sophie’s Top Offenders:

  1. Oven Cleaners
  2. Drain Cleaners
  3. All purpose Cleaners

Sophie’s Alternatives:

  1. Oven Cleaner• 1 Cup Salt• 1 Cup Baking Soda• ½ Cup Water
  2. Drain Cleaner• 1 Cup Baking Soda• 2 Cups Earth Enzymes Diluted with 2 Quarts Warm Water
  3. All Purpose CleanerThis works for counter tops, tables, cabinets, fridge interior, sink, and can even work on kitchen floors (not wood). It’s a great alternative to the bleach sprays.You will need:• 1 24-oz sprayer• 1tsp borax• ½ tsp washing soda crystals• 2tbsp white vinegar• ½ tsp liquid castille soap• 2 cups hot water• 20 drops of tea tree essential oilMix the borax, washing soda, vinegar and castile soap on a large measuring cup. Slowly add the hot water (just off the boil). Allow it to cool before adding the tea tree oil. Pour into the sprayer. Shake well before each use.

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