Sophie Uliano's Beeswax Candles

Natural Beeswax sheets (
Candlewick spool
Good plastic cutting board Shark knife or box cutter Hair Dryer Directions:
1. Place one sheet on cutting board

2. Cut your candle wick to be 2 inches longer than your candle.

3. Place the wick along the length of the sheet – about 2 inches away from the edge.

4. Warm the entire sheet with dryer until you can feel it softening.

5. Beginning with edge closest to you, roll the wax very tightly over the wick. Continue to roll as if you were making sushi or rolling a yoga mat. You need to constantly make sure that bottom of the candle is straight. You can always unroll, re-heat and re-do.

6. Once you’ve rolled about half way, check for size by placing into a candlestick. When it fits, cut off the remaining wax in a straight line.

7. If you are making for gift, bundle 2 candles together with some pretty ribbon and/or twine.

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