Sophie & Lola Uliano's Magnetic Cosmetic Organizer

Materials Needed:

  • A large frame
  • A piece of sheet metal, slightly smaller than your frame, from the hardware store
  • Fabric
  • A hot glue gun or super glue
  • Magnets, round and in strip form
  • Make up brush holder
  • Heavy-duty scissors


  1. Wrap sheet metal with fabric.
  2. Put the sheet metal in the middle of the fabric. With a ruler and a sharpie, extend the lines so you have fabric to fold over the metal.
  3. Cut fabric with heavy duty scissors, hot glue to sheet metal. Cut off excess fabric.
  4. Remove glass from frame, replace with fabric covered sheet metal.
  5. Start hot gluing magnets onto the back of what you’ll be placing on your organizer.
  6. Put items on your organizer.

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