Small Space Workouts from Ashley Borden

Grab a yoga mat and a set of dumbbells that feel like a "7" on a scale of 1-10. Allow yourself to go through a workout at least once to determine if the weight of the dumbbell feels challenging enough for the full 10 minutes.

You will set a timer and go through this series of exercises (rounds) in this order for 10 minutes with minimal to no rest.
Hip Raises 20x
2. Chest Press 10x

3. Plank Hold 20 Seconds

4. Dumbbell Reverse Lunges (Holding the dumbbells at your shoulders) 20x total

5. Reverse Flys 10x total (If you are doing a single leg hold, 5x Right and 5x Left) If your weights feel too challenging with this move, use your arms. Hold thumbs in "hitchhiker" position and focus on your thumbs trying to meet at the lower part of your shoulder blades. KEEP BELLY BUTTON PULLED INTO SPINE FOR ENTIRE MOVE.

Move at a steady pace that feels doable for YOU for 10 minutes. Even if you go through this one time in 10 minutes, that's your starting pace! Keep track of the round and last exercise you completed when 10 minutes is over.
For Example:

10 Minutes Completed: 5 rounds Ended at 16 of DB reverse lunges Try to beat yourself the next time you do this workout. Get additional workout tips from Ashley Borden at and on Twitter @ashleyborden. For more of her small space workouts, go to

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