Kym Douglas is giving you her own tips for keeping your skin tighter.


    DIY Gelatin Face Tightening Treatment

    -Unflavored gelatin (gelatin is a great way to tighten skin. It also removes blackheads and dead skin that cause it to sag and look older. Gelatin is an affordable alternative to other skin tightening treatments that are on the market)

    -Milk (contains lactic acid that is a natural exfoliant for your skin and also protein that helps keep skin nourished and fresh)

    1. Pour 1 tablespoon of unflavored gelatin into a bowl

    2. Mix in 3 tablespoons of hot milk into the gelatin

    3. Add essential oils if desired (optional)

    4. Spread on face with a makeup brush

    5. Let dry

    6. Peel off

    DIY Elbow and Knee Tightening Treatment


    -Egg White


    1. Peel cucumber

    2. Slice the peeled half into small pieces

    3. Blend cucumber pieces until it is into a pulp

    4. Strain the pulp over a bowl and allow water to drain into bowl from cucumbers

    5. Mix in 1 egg white

    7. Apply mixture to elbows and knees and let sit for 15 minutes

    8. Rinse

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