Current Poinsettia trends:
Visions of Grandeur" - soft pink and crème
 "Winter Rose Red" -deep red with rose like or geranium flower shape
"Carousel Red" has scalloped edges
"Ice Punch"- red with white frost details
"Monet"- marbled peach and pink
*Poinsettia varieties from Armstrong Garden Center:

How to select a good poinsettia?
Look for the "flower cluster" (cycathia) and select plant with unopened buds
Strong, sturdy stems
Dark green foliage (no yellow leaves)

How to care for poinsettias at home?
Indoors, indirect bright light
Day temps 60-70 degrees, nights 55-65, not lower
No drafts or direct heat
Keep moist, don't allow to dry out or oversaturate
Slit bottom of decorative wrapper so water will drain from plant
No fertilizer while bracts are in color

Some great display ideas:
Combine Poinsettia with complimentary houseplants in a classic, lightweight planter for holiday display
Add holiday decor and ribbon

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