Shirley Bovshow's Winter Gardening Tips

How Are Winter Plants Different?
With winter plants, you eat the leaf, stem and root. Summer plants, like beans, tomatoes & peppers grow fruit and that’s the difference.
Kale and Spinach can survive below freezing temperatures.

What About Snow?

Like the ones used at the White House Garden, you can build or buy row covers that will protect winter vegetables from hard freezes and snow.

When Will The Spinach Be Ready To Eat?
You can start clipping the baby spinach leaves in about 3 weeks. Clip what you need and go to the next plant the next time you need spinach so that the last one will create new growth.

Winter Planting Tips:

• Space plants 8" apart.
• Plant in moist soil, water after planting.
• Tamp down to get rid of air pockets.
• Winter vegetables can also be grown in containers.
• Plant Sept. 1 to early Nov. to harvest by winter.
• Using the "clip and grow" creates new growth

A special thanks to our friends at Bonnie Plants for all of today's garden supplies

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How to Start a Garden
How to Start a Garden