Shirley Bovshow's Pumpkin Planting Tips

When is Pumpkin Planting Season?
• Late May to early July are pumpkin planting months for most of the country for a fall harvest.
• Wait until all threat of frost has passed before planting pumpkins. • Soil temperatures for germination optimal between 75-95 degrees. Selecting The Right Space For Planting Pumpkins
• Select a site that receives full sun for at least 6-8 hours per day, more sun the better.
• Pumpkins require a lot of space to grow, but you can direct vines to grow across a lawn if you have small garden bed. • You can plant in rows in a raised bed like this one or in "mounds" or hills the size of small pitcher's mound. How To Plant Pumpkin Seeds
• When planting in a row, plant 4 or 5 pumpkin seeds, 6-inches apart and 1-inch deep, like this. Make sure that the rows are at least 4-feet apart
• In a two to three weeks when plants are about 3"-inches tall, snip off all of them except for two plants that you will allow to continue growing as one. • Repeat this process down each row, eliminating extra plants and spacing the ones that are left, 3-feet apart. Pumpkins Seeds Versus Growing Pumpkin Plants
• If you have a short growing season, pumpkin plants can give you a head start or you can start growing your pumpkins indoors before setting them out.
• Greater variety of pumpkins to choose from if you grow from seeds. • Order online or mail order. Plants are available in garden centers beginning in late May, depending on your climate. When is Harvest Time? We will be harvesting these pumpkins in 75-110 days. These pumpkins will be perfect to have for the fall season so you can do all of your cooking and carving!

Pumpkin Growing with Shirley Bovshow

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