Shirley Bovshow's Pressed Flower Christmas Tree

Shirley shows how to preserve our plants through beautiful Christmas artwork that will last year after year.
Pressed Flower Christmas Tree
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Shirley was inspired to create a pressed flower Christmas tree while walking her dogs! She observed the many trees that have leaves shaped like a Christmas tree! This is a fun project that can be as simple or detailed as you like! Create an "everlasting, flat Christmas tree that you can display on a table, put in a glass frame, or hang on the wall for many years to come. Inspiration can come from many places and occasions, so keep your eyes open!


  • Dried and pressed leaves and flowers (Shirley used the Micro Fleur microwave flower press) but you can use a traditional flower press or place your flowers and leaves in a large phone book topped with a heavy brick or two for a couple of weeks. Pressed flowers are available online.
  • Spray adhesive or crafting glue
  • Mod Podge- matte or satin
  • Tweezers
  • X-acto blade
  • Clear, transparent sheet or "Clear -Lay Film 0.007" from the crafting store or online. Other options include card stock or pretty, homemade paper.



  • Select tree leaves with a pyramid or Christmas tree shape. Shirley used Norfolk Pine leaves and Jacaranda tree leaves for pressing.
  • Select small or miniature flowers that when pressed, look like tiny ornaments. Suggestions include wax flower, baby's breath, small daisies, violets, and pansies. You can also press larger, thin-petaled flowers like colorful bougainvillea which Shirley made into tiny ornaments by using a hole punch!


  • Dry your leaves and flowers (or buy pressed flowers online). If your leaf or flowers have a thick stem, use a X-acto blade to make fine cuts along the center of the stem. This will allow the leaf stem to become flat and dry faster.
  • If your leaves are too large to fit into your flower press, don't be afraid to cut the leaf into sections and dry them separately.
  • Use spray adhesive to glue your pressed "Christmas tree leaf" onto a clear transparent sheet or card stock.
  • Decorate your tree with beautiful pressed flowers. Be creative and make a "garland" by gluing flowers in a garland pattern. You will need crafting glue or Mod podge, tweezers, and a X-acto blade.
  • Use matte or satin Mod Podge to "seal" and preserve your Christmas tree project. Don't apply it overly-thick.


You can display your pressed Christmas tree in any way that your heart desires. Shirley displayed her tree on a round, wood-slatted board and added an LED candle behind it to light it up! Hang your pressed Christmas tree with a satin or silk ribbon or display it in a glass frame.

Have fun and take your time creating your work of art!

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