Shirley Bovshow's Living Succulent Bouquets

Succulent bouquets cost at least $150. But Shirley’s DIY bouquet costs under $40, saving you over $110!

What materials are needed to wire a succulent and how do you do it?
• Succulent plants

  1. • Floral stem wire in 20, 22 and 24 gauge • Floral tape • Wire cutters • Scissors • Decorative ribbon Remove soil from rootball and cut succulent away from it, keeping about 1/4-1/2 inch of stem.
  2. Insert a 20 or 22 gauge floral wire through the stem.
  3. Fold the top third of a second wire and place next to the stem, wrap the wire around itself and around the first wire.
  4. Secure by wrapping with green floral tape down the entire length of wire starting at the top.
  5. Stretch the floral tape to activate glue as you wrap around wire.
  6. If the succulent cutting is heavy, you can add a chopstick next to wire and wrap together with green floral tape.
  7. Repeat until all succulent cuttings are wrapped and wired and begin putting your design together.
  1. Assembling a Bouquet Each time you add a succulent to bouquet, wrap stems together with green tape.
  2. Start with larger or heavier cuttings and insert smaller cuttings as filler or detail afterwards.
  3. Turn the arrangement in your hand as you add stems to see design from all angles.
  4. When finished assembling bouquet, wrap with decorative ribbon and hand-tie.
  5. Add details such as pearls, crystals, etc.

Living Succulent Bouquets with Shirley Bovshow

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