Shirley Bovshow's Living Spice Rack Directions


  • Plant Dolly
  • Casters
  • Large Container
  • Tomato support cage-wire or wood
  • Wire plant baskets
  • Coco liners
  • Potting soil
  • Herb plants
  • Moss

Place your casters and plant dolly in desired spice rack location.
2. Place large garden container on casters and dolly.
3. Fill with potting soil.
4. Insert the tomato support into the container until it fits snug and is level.
5. Insert the coco liner into the wire planter and tie to the tomato cage.
6. Add soil to planters and plant your favorite herbs.
7. Water your plants.

* Water herbs as needed- when soil feels dry.
* If indoors, place spice rack in bright, sunny location and spin every few days for even sun exposure.
* Harvest your herbs as needed.

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How to Start a Garden