Shirley Bovshow's Indoor Garden Tips

1. Waterproof baskets with plastic so it doesn't leak indoors. Use any kind of plastic like garbage bags or sheets of plastic or anything like that and completely line the inside of the basket.

2. Place and prop plants for different heights using old plastic bottles or foam blocks. Fill the basket with overturned pots and prop up plants so they are at different heights. Can used crushed soda cans or overturned pots, bunched up newspaper, whatever you have. I'm going to do a layer of crushed something and then use a layer of foamcore board to level it and then I can put the plants in wherever I want them to be.

3. Place all the plants. Fill in between the pots with bubble wrap just so the planters themselves don't move around and then you cover all the packing material with moss so you never see it. No one ever plants in a basket! Always looks like a really pretty arrangement. 4. Add colorful flowers for a decorative detail. Because it's autumn and fall, I gathered all the houseplants and gift plants and make a garden vignette with fall colors. They make a beautiful arrangement.

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