Shirley Bovshow’s “Fire & Ice” Holiday Living Centerpiece

“Fire & Ice” Holiday Living Centerpiece
Home Decor


Snowball Planters:

  • Grapevine orbs in different sizes -  (you will cut a hole in orb to insert plant with it's container, so make sure orb is large enough)
  • Bag of Snow batting
  • White gloss spray paint
  • Silver glitter spray paint
  • Wire cutters
  • Glass, acrylic or plastic Christmas tree ornaments and medallions
  • Silver pearls for draping around your orb
  • Glass crafting brick (Michaels)
  • Battery operated tea lights

Silver & Crystal Platter:

  • White foam board 3/16 thick- select size you want or custom cut (Michaels)
  • Cutting blade
  • Acrylic paint in silver or spray paint
  • Small bristle brush (for texture)
  • Black felt material ( enough to cover backside of platter)
  • Box of assorted size "flat sided" crystals (Michaels)
  • Strong crafting glue for paper and fabric
  • Textured ribbon (for "finishing" outside edge of board)


Snowball Planters:

  1. Cut a large opening on top of orb so that you can easily slip your plant with container and plastic saucer inside
  2. Spray paint orb with 2 coats of white paint
  3. Finish orb with 1 coat of silver glitter
  4. Spray paint moss white color
  5. Line inside the orb with a layer of "snow batting" so that it covers all the gaps in the orb
  6. Place your plant and plastic saucer inside the orb
  7. Fill space between your plant container and "snow" with the painted moss
  8. Decorate your Snow Planter with clear and silver colored ornaments- "chandelier" style
  9. Place on top of clear glass brick and insert battery operated tea lights in brick opening

Crystal Platter:

  1. Cut foam board to desired platter size
  2. Paint 1 side of foam board with silver paint - 2 or 3 coats
  3. Cut and glue black felt materials to back of "platter"
  4. Glue crystals around the top edge of platter or create your own pattern
  5. Spray paint your textured ribbon silver to match color of platter
  6. Glue textured ribbon along the outside perimeter of your foam board to give a finished detail

Make your arrangement! Now that your snowball planters and silver platter are made, place your glass bricks to elevate planters and display any way you like!

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