Shirley Bovshow's Fallen Branch Christmas Tree


  • Select a tree-shaped fallen branch with small trunk and at least 3 additional branches
  • 5 gallon paint bucket
  • 12"-inch length of 4"-inch pvc pipe
  • 24"-inch landscape tree box
  • White paint for use as primer on landscape tree box
  • Silver metallic paint (brush on) for landscape tree box
  • Several cans of metallic silver spray paint for painting tree
  • Christmas tree lights with white cord
  • Assortment of white, silver and glass ornaments
  • 2 yards of silver, satin or shiny material to use as tree skirt
  • Cardboard box pieces (to fill in between paint bucket and tree box)


  1. Insert the bottom of your fallen tree branch "trunk" into the 4"-inch pvc pipe and place inside of 5 gallon paint bucket.
  2. Add quickcrete (quick drying cement) inside the paint bucket and inside the pvc pipe to stabilize tree and make stand straight. Let dry 30 minutes.
  3. Spray paint the tree with silver metallic spray paint. Let dry 30 minutes.
  4. Paint the landscape tree box with one coat of white paint as a primer.
  5. Paint landscape tree box with either brush-on silver metallic paint, or silver spray paint. Let dry 30 minutes.
  6. Place the tree bucket into the landscape tree box and fill in the gaps with cardboard boxes all the way to the top of tree box.
  7. Cover the tree bucket and all of the cardboard boxes with 2 yards of pretty silver fabric.
  8. String the tree with white-cord, clear christmas tree lights.
  9. Add white, silver or clear glass decorations.
  10. Place indoors, or outdoors in covered porch or patio.
Fallen Branch Christmas Tree with Shirley Bovshow

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