Shirley Bovshow's Emerald Isle Container Tabletop Garden


  • Needed To Make This Garden • Container
  • • Potting Soil
  • • Emerald green glass boulder
  • • Stones and pebbles
  • • Small glass container (to hide mister pump)
  • • Mister Maker machine (small)
  • • Twigs to make "tree"
  • • Fairy or St Patrick’s figurines for holiday theme
  • • Spray bottle with distilled water to water the moss

I designed this tabletop garden with Saint Patrick’s Day in mind so I designed an Irish landscape in miniature form. It showcases 4 different live mosses, stone, and has a "Mister Maker" that forms a cloudy mist commonly seen in Ireland."

Varieties Of Moss Used In Display:
Different mosses grow together in nature so I'm creating an impressionistic version of this: Sheet Moss - the lowest growing moss of the group, good as a "moss lawn"
Cushion Moss - light green color grows in round cushion shape
Rock Cap Moss - darker green, found in wild growing on rocks
Reindeer Moss - silver green lichen, rubbery when wet- used as accent Other

  1. Set your glass boulder in middle of planter.
  2. Make a deep hole to bury your glass container, leaving 1/2 an inch lip over the soil level.
  3. Insert Mister Maker into glass container and add water, cover with plastic to keep soil out.
  4. Plant mosses, using different types to create a natural effect.
  5. Add small stones and cover with sheet moss to create raised, undulating hills.
  6. Plant small fern or other plant.
  7. Insert tree stems to stand in as a tree.
  8. Detail with St. Patrick's Day and fairy decor.
  9. Switch on Mister and Maker and enjoy the show!

Emerald Isle Tabletop Garden with Shirley Bovshow

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How to Start a Garden