Shirley Bovshow's Easy to Make Freaky Fruits

Zombie Eyeballs


  1. Slice passion fruits in half through horizontally
  2. Slice grapes in half horizontally
  3. Cut a slit in grapes
  4. Push a pomegranate aril into the grape
  5. Push the pom-stuffed grape half into the passion fruit

Mini Monster Snacks


  1. Rambutans are already scored—finish cutting them in half.
  2. Release rambutan and put in a small clear bowl.
  3. Scoop pomegranate arils into empty rambutan shells.

The Haunted Graveyard


  1. Layer pudding, then a mound of Cool Whip in pan. Cover with Oreo crumbs.
  2. Cut a Buddha’s hand and place so it looks like it’s coming from the grave.
  3. Carefully arrange gummy worms and Sugarworms.

Shirley Bovshow's Spooky and Edible Halloween Trea

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