Shirley Bovshow's DIY Fresh Cut Holiday Garland

Cut Branches for Fresh Garland:

  • If you have any conifers in your yard like fir, cedars or junipers, you have all you need to make your own fresh garland.
  • Boxwood, holly and ligustrum add another layer of texture and are tolerant of the dry warm conditions indoors.
  • ALWAYS use sharp pruners and cut from different parts of the plants so that you don't misshape the plant or tree.
  • If branches are thick, use a hammer to flatten the bottom of stem so it can take up water easily.
  • After cutting stems from plants in your yard, place them in water until ready to use.
  • Use an anti-drying spray like Wilt Pruf to keep your foliage from drying out fast.

Or Buy an Inexpensive 5 to 6 Foot Christmas Tree and Cut the Branches to Make Your Own Garland:

  • Buy a second, different style tree to make a mixed green garland.
  • Cut evergreen stems from plants in your yard to add an extra layer of foliage to garland.

To Assemble the Garland:

  • Cut twine to finished length you want for garland.
  • Wrap paddle wire along the top 2"inches of the twine and lay wire paddle in FRONT of extended twine.
  • Gather your greens into a bundle, (thick or thin as you like) and lay on top of twine and wrap bundle with wire 3 times- don't cut wire!
  • Repeat with another bundle of greens and stagger, placing along bottom of first bundle.
  • Wrap bundle with paddle of floral wire (22 gauge) and continue until you get close to end of twine.
  • Finish off garland by placing last bundle facing the opposite direction of other bundles. Wrap with wire and cut off wire.
Fresh Holiday Garland DIY - Home & Family

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