Shirley Bovshow's Critter Covers for Your Garden

Materials List:

  • 10 ft roll of gardening mesh
  • Garden pins
  • Gardening wire (to "sew" the gardening mesh sides together)
  • Garden scissors
  • Garden gloves


  1. Roll out ¼ inch garden mesh (10'x2'), ¼ inch keeps out the smallest critters.
  2. Bend cloth in 4 folds to create box.
  3. Use garden wire to sew the box up.
  4. With a cut piece to fit on top, sew garden wire on one end to secure it, leave enough room for future growth.
  5. Snip the 4 corners at the bottom.
  6. Bend out about 1 inch along all 4 sides.
  7. With this newly bent apron, use gardening pins to stake down the box into the dirt, securing it over the plants.
  8. Use bricks to keep the cover on.

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