Shirley Bovshow's Banana Plant Tips

Where Do Bananas Grow
• Banana plants are the world's tallest herbs and grow from underground rhizomes. They grow 7 to 30 feet tall, depending on variety.
• Banana fruit is actually a berry and is related to lilies, palms and orchids. • The trunk of banana plant is a single stem made of layers of overlapping leaves that grow from an underground corm. • A flower stalk grows through the center of the stem producing a huge bract with dozens of flowers. The females gorw into bananas! • The cluster of bananas (10-20 bananas) are cut off the plant and hung to ripen until ready to eat. • The stem dies and is cut down so "daughter plant" can grow. Growing Bananas in Containers
• Banana plants can be grown in containers as ornamental plants indoor or outdoors.
• To fruit, temperatures must be be 75 and 85 degrees consistently over 10-15 months as in tropical climates. • Bananas need full sun or a bright room. • Bananas need consistent water & moisture in the soil and air. • You'll need ½ pound of nitrogen and potassium rich fertilizer per month per stem. Banana Varieties For Container
• Super Dwarf Cavendish - 4 feet
• Rajapuri - 10 feet • Musa Basjoo - cold hardy to 15 degrees "How long before you get fruit?"
• Most tall varieties need 10-15 months before you can harvest fruit, if you have proper climate.
• Veinte Cohol is a dwarf, faster fruiting variety ready in as little as 9 months. • Viente Cohol is also more cold hardy than others. Cooked/Baked Bananas
PLANTAINS - are a cooking banana that can be prepared ripe or green. The starchy vegetable is a staple in tropical countries.

RED BANANAS - are sweet and creamy with raspberry highlights and are best for baking sweet and savory dishes. They are also a great source of Betacarotene.

BURRO - excellent for baking in banana bread- dense flavor.

Eat Out Of Hand
MANAZANO - wait and eat when overly ripe for rich, creamy pineapple-strawberry banana flavor!>br />

BABY - perfect size for kids, full of fiber, low calories and delicious.

BANANA LEAVES - Used in international cuisine to wrap rice, fish, pork, eco-friendly cooking wraps and plates, beer, roofing material, livestock food, table runner.

Banana 101 with Shirley Bovshow

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