Shirley Bovshow Shows How To Sun Cook Your Lawn

Shirley Bovshow shares how to organically reduce grass to create a beautiful lawn of healthy soil perfect for planting.
  • First step - cut the lawn really short.
  • Place cardboard on the area - of grass, that you want to remove.
  • Put two or three layers of cardboard., staggering the ends. Secure cardboard with brick or pins because you don’t want air getting in.
  • Add another layer of miscellaneous compostable items like newspaper (this will add carbon).
  • Then gently water it.
  • Next layer is - wood chips and some topsoil or compost (big layer like 6 inches).
  • Topsoil is different than potting soil. It’s basically garden soil. Soil and compost actually will “heat up” this pile and that’s when the “cooking” begins!
  • Come Spring, don’t remove it, just add some compost.
  • If you smother your lawn in the Summer (which is the best time to do it) it takes 3 months to 6 months to be ready.
How to Start a Garden
How to Start a Garden