Shirley Bovshow Plants Bare Root Roses

1. Is winter a good time to plant roses?
"January and February are prime time for bare root roses and a period when you can find the largest selection of rose varieties in garden centers, online and save 30-60% in price."
"You can plant bare root roses in mild winter areas and anywhere the soil is not frozen."

2. What are bare root roses and how do you select a healthy one?

"Bare root roses are dormant roses that have no soil around their root area, so the roots are exposed. "Bare root roses are graded between #1 and #2, with #1 being the best. #1 bare root roses have at least 3 well formed canes that are 5/16th in diameter. Grade #1.5 and grade #2 have thinner and fewer canes." Look for an extensive root system that is pliable and well developed, and at least 3 well shaped canes with nice structure.

3. What kind of roses did you plant and why did you select this variety?

"We planted red "Knock Out" roses, a popular landscape rose that is considered a "work horse" rose, is low maintenance, disease resistant, cold hardy and blooms every 5 to six weeks. They will grow about 4 feet tall and wide and are spaced to grow together as a hedge."

4. What did you have to do to prepare the area for planting?

" First, we selected an area that gets at least six hours of full sun per day. We removed a 4-foot wide strip of sod along the front of the fence and added 6-inches of compost to the soil and spaded it in. Roses require nutrient rich soil so prepare your soil with plenty of compost. Never plant roses in your lawn, they will compete for nutrients and water." 5. How do you plant a bare root rose?
Soak bare root roses overnight in water so they are well hydrated before planting.
Dig a planting hole with sides that slope outward from top to bottom. Mound up soil in the center of the hole and spread the roots on top of it. Dig the edges deeper to help roots penetrate into the soil. Fill with soil and set the graft union at soil level, (a couple of inches below the soil in cold winter areas where soil freezes). Create a small donut-shaped area around rose as a water basin. Mulch your soil to keep your soil warm and the moisture in.

6. How often do you water a Knock Out rose and fertilize it?

Bare root roses have no leaves, so they require less water but don't allow soil to dry up! Depending on your weather, water 1 to 3 times per week. Don't fertilize a bare root rose until after it's first bloom period. Afterwards, you can fertilize with a rose fertilizer throughout the summer.

Tip Of The Day!

• If you experience unexpected freezing weather and just picked up or received your bare root roses, don't plant them! • Leave bare root roses sealed in the bag in a cold but preferably frost free place such as a garage or shed. Do not expose to sun or lots of light. • You can also plant them in large pots, keep the roses bundled together and bury the roots and at least half of the stems with soil or compost. • Leave your pot in a sheltered shady spot. You can provide extra protection by insulating the whole pot and the stems with fleece. • When ready to plant, soak roots in water for few hours before planting.
How to Plant Bare Root Roses

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