Shirley Bovshow - Growing Your Own Micro Garden!

Materials You Will Need For Sprouting
-Sanitized masonry canning jars with removable lid insert.
-Fine metal mesh or plastic embroidery sheets for lid inserts. -Non-chlorinated water. -Dish drying rack. Materials Needed For Growing Wheatgrass
-Wheatgrass seeds.
-Shallow planter with drain holes and tray to place underneath to catch water. -Seed starting mix. -Cover for tray- can be towel or plastic cover. -Water bottle. Step Out Projects: Wheatgrass for Juicing
-Pre-soak wheat seeds 12 hours and rinse.
-Plant when small root tail emerges. -Moisten the planting mix before adding seed. -Spread seed densely and water. -Cover and place in low light area out of direct sunlight. -Water daily, maintain moisture for approximately 3 days. -Move tray to well lit spot when grass grows to 1-2" tall so it can "green up" for approx. 5 days. -Cut grass for use and keep the rest in planting tray in a refrigerator for max 5 days. Harvest as needed. Step Out Project: Culinary Sprouts
-Cull and clean seeds, beans, nuts.
-Put in masonry jar with double amount of water to seed ratio. -Soak 12 hours, rinse and turn jar upside down to remove all water. -Soak and rinse every 12 hours or two times per day until you see sprout stems. -Repeat this process for 3 to 5 days depending on how much you want the sprout to grow. -Harvest by thoroughly rinsing sprouts, dry them completely and place in air tight plastic bag or storage bowl and place in refrigerator. Get more from Edible Garden Designer Shirley Bovshow online at and on twitter @FoodieGardeners.