Shirley Bovshow Creates Lawn Art

Preparing Heart Template

  1. Draw large heart design in center of either cardboard or coated foam board and cut out so you have a template.
  2. Draw a series of smaller hearts on another board and cut out.
  3. Use either painters tape or duct tape along the edge of the cutout so paint doesn't bleed into the board.

Lawn Painting

  1. Place template board on dry lawn and weigh down edges of board with stones or brick.
  2. Paint the large heart with a base layer of white paint.
  3. Let dry (½ hour) and then spray several coats of red paint for rich color.
  4. Repeat process with small heart template, placing on lawn where you want them.

Check out Shirley Bovshow's garden designing expertise at and follow her on Twitter @EdenMaker.

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How to Start a Garden