The family members gather around to give you tips on how to handle seasonal problems.

Materials for Lining Your Hat with Comfortable Fabric

  • Beanie
  • Fabric
  • Pins
  • Needle and thread

Materials to Waterproof Shoes

  • White Candle
  • Blow Dryer
  • Shoes

DIY Vapor Rub Melt

  • 4-5 scoops vapor rub
  • 1 cup corn starch
  • 1/2 cup Baking Soda
  • 2-5 Teaspoons water

Directions for Lining Your Hat

1. Pin fabric to inside of hat where it rest on forehead
2. Sew it in place

Directions to Waterproof Shoes

1. Rub candle against shoe
2. Blow dry area until there is no white residue
3. Repeat about 3 times until waterproof

Directions for DIY Vapor Rub Melt

1. Mix vapor rub, corn starch, and baking soda together
2. Slowly add water into the mixture as needed, until mixture is thick enough to add to mold
3. Pack mixture into mold
4. Freeze for 2 hours

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