Scandinavian Floral Wreaths with Tamara Berg

Scandinavian Floral Wreaths are all a part of celebrating the longest day of the year. June 21st is important in Northern countries where the winter is long and dark. Mock weddings are performed both for adults and children. Symbolizing the blossoming of new life, often girls would pick flowers and put them under their pillows, ensuring dreams of their future spouse.

Traditional national costumes are often worn, bonfires are lit, and truth be told, it is a drinking holiday in Scandinavian countries... So the first day of summer is usually celebrated on the weekend! Also, there are traditional foods served: the first "new" potatoes of the season, strawberries, herring, sour cream, chives, and beer, as well as Aquavit (the water of life!). Supplies:
22 gauge wire
Green Floral Tape Assorted Flowers -- smaller ones work better Ribbon 1/8" to 1/4" wide Wire cutters Scissors Directions
Measure the wire to fit around your head, then add 2" to measurement.
Form the wire into a circle, twist ends together to secure. Choose flowers, cut stems to 3" to 4" lengths. Beginning at the front of the wire circle, hold flower parallel to the wire, wrap with floral tape, beginning near the blossom, and working toward end of stem, pulling the tape firmly, securing flower to wire. Layer on the next flower, overlapping stems. Wrap with floral tape, and continue, overlapping flowers and wrapping with tape toward the back of the wire. Return to the front of the circle, and repeat process overlapping and wrapping with tape until the wire circle is covered. Once all flowers are in place, you may want to add more tape to parts to make flowers more secure. Cut ribbon to 72" long, use a half-hitch knot to attach at the centerback of the ring, or tie in a bow. For a full wreath, you'll use 15 to 25 flowers, depending on size. If your desired wreath just covers the front, continue with the floral tape to cover all the wire for a finished look. Faux flowers are hardier, and a bit easier to work with. Real blooms can break and lose petals as you work with them, so treat them with care. For the best of both worlds, create the base of your wreath with faux greens and light filler flowers, then add rosebuds or other less-fragile flowers to add scent and a more natural look. Get more from Tamara at