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The average American moves 11.7* times in their lifetime and a lot of those moves happen in the summertime. Learn about ways you can save money and protect your rights on your next move. (*2007 US census report on Migration/Geographic Mobility) 

Should You Hire Professional Movers?

DIY: Rent a truck, load it, drive it

  • Check for coupon codes like 20% off from budget rental
  • Factor in fuel costs, liability coverage, tolls, etc when comparing price.
  • ($32 + 0.79/mile + fuel + insurance) local
  • $1900 per trip to springfield, Il + fuel ($1400) + motel and food + insurance (est. $4000+)

Full-service move: pack, load, drive, unload – most expensive options

  • Burbank to Illinois: $8500 - $9500 (5-7 days)
  • You pack, they drive: best compromise of cost and convenience (for long distance nationwide moving.

  • Example: U-pack

    How it works: Empty moving trailer deliver to home / 3 business days to load / trailer picked up and moved to new locaiton / 3 business days to unload

    Example of move from Burbank to Springfield, Illinois: 

    - $4000

    There are regulation when it comes to moving. What rights do consumers have?

    1. Interstate (state to state) governed by federal motor carrier safety administration (department of transportation)
    2. Intrastate (within a state) moves regulated by state:

State-level enforcement resources:

State Movers Associations:

  1. When hiring movers, get several written estimates
  2. Some combo of weight/time/distance will determine price.
  3. Know the difference between a binding and non-binding estimate.
  4. Non-binding estimate: law for interstate moves requires movers to still deliver the goods for no more than 10% above the price of the initial estimate
  5. Ask for an estimate based off of an on-site inspection (for interstate moves they are required to provide if within 50-mile radius of business)

More info at

Where should you buy moving supplies?

  • It is almost always gong to be less expensive when you buy moving supplies on your own as opposed to using a moving company’s
  • Truck rental centers
  • 100% buy back of any unused u—haul box with receipt at any u-haul center nationwide
  • Bulk discount: ex 3.0 cu/ft box = $1.35/box but is $1.16/box when you buy 20+ (14% savings)
  • Home improvement store had competitive pricing but office supply prices were a lot higher

Example: Same size box was $1.22 at home improvement store / $2.12 - $2.83 at office supply.

DIY Packing

  • Wardrobe boxes can cost around $10 - $15 each.
  • Make your own garment bags – use garbage bags and cut a hole in the top to stick hangers through
  • Don’t pay extra for deluxe boxes with handholds.
  • Use an exacto knife to cut them into the box yourself.
  • Keep track of moving expenses. If you’re moving due to a change in your job or business location, you may be able to deduct some of the costs.
  • Must meet 3 requirements (move closely relates to start of work, distance test, time test)

Summer Moving Tips - Home & Family

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