Safety Tips for Seniors Inside and Outside the Home

Matt Iseman provides some helpful advice.


To Minimize the risk of falls at home:

-- Inspect carpet, rugs & stair runners for fraying edges or loose sections; be sure they’re secured to the floor & stairs.

-- Keep floors & stairways clutter free & tie up electrical, telephone, & extension cords to minimize a trip hazard.

-- Improve lighting – inside & outdoors. Be sure you have enough lighting in each room, at entrances & on outdoor walkways. Put nightlights in bathroom, hallways, bedroom & kitchen. Use highest wattage light bulbs recommended for each fixture.

-- Install handrails (on both sides of stairs & walkways) and grab bars (in tub, shower & next to toilet).

-- If tub or shower floor is slippery, use non-slip rubber mat or self-stick strips on floor of tub or shower.

-- Move items in kitchen to lower shelves to make them easier to reach. If must use a step stool, get one with a bar to hold on to.

-- Have vision checked at least once a year by an eye doctor


To avoid risk of burns or fire in kitchen:

-- Make sure stove knobs can be turned on/off without reaching over the burner (fire risks are created when older adults with loose of long sleeves reach across open flames or electric burners).

-- Keep a small, easy-to-use fire extinguisher stored in easily accessible place in the kitchen.

-- Make sure top burners are free from clutter including curtains & kitchen towels

--Turn water heater in home to 120 degrees Fahrenheit or lower to prevent scalds that can become dangerous in not treated appropriately.

--Make sure working smoking detectors are placed on each level of home, and carbon monoxide detector is in place.


Other tips for seniors to stay safer inside and outside the home:

--Keep emergency numbers in large print near each phone.

-- While outside, always carry emergency contacts list.

-- Use a personal medical alert device that helps you call for emergency help inside and outside the house.


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