RJ DiCamillo's Tips on How to Carve a Turkey

1. After the turkey has rested for 20 to 30 minutes, you are ready to begin carving. A sharp knife and a two-pronged fork to steady the bird will enable you to carve the turkey easily and safely. A knife with a flexible yet sturdy blade is best for following the contours of a large bird.


Removing the Legs and Wings With the turkey placed breast side up, cut through the skin between the leg and body. Pull the leg outward to locate the joint at the body, then cut through the joint to remove the leg. Remove each wing in the same manner.
Carving the Drumsticks and Thighs Cut between the joint to separate the drumstick and thigh. Secure the drumstick with the fork and slice the meat lengthwise along the bone, turning after each slice. Place the thigh, flat side down, and slice the meat parallel to the bone.


Carving the Breast Insert the fork close to the breastbone to steady the bird. Make a preliminary cut through the breast meat just above the leg and shoulder joints. Then, starting near the breastbone, carve the meat vertically into thin slices, cutting parallel to the rib cage, ending each slice at the preliminary cut.