Get into the Fourth of July spirit with this DIY from actress Renee Lawless.


  • Styrofoam Ball ( 6” ball shown)
  • Dowel
  • Straight Pins
  • Ribbon Strips (about 20 yards if ribbon)
  • Floral Foam Block
  • Terra cotta pot or Cute Container
  • Paper Shred or Decorative Moss
  • Paint (Pot and Dowel)

Renee Lawless Interview - Home & Family


1) Paint your dowel and pot (if neccessary). If painting a terra cotta pot, use a primer.

2) Insert the dowel halfway into the Styrofoam ball. Be sure the ball is centered on the dowel. (You may want to add a dab of hot glue to the end of the dowel to keep secure.

3) Place and secure the floral foam block inside your cute container, then stick the dowel into your floaral foam.

4) Cut your ribbon into 4.5" strips, make a loop and be sure the ends overlap. From the inside of the loop, stick a straight pen through the overlapping section of the ribbon.

5) Stick your ribbon loops into styrofoam ball. Continue adding ribbon loops until you've completely covered the styrofoam ball.

6) Add ribbon strips, as needed.

7) Cover the foam with paper shred or deocrative moss.

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