Repurpose Old Coffee Table for Ottoman with Tamara Berg

Materials needed:
Paint Paintbrush Foam Upholstery fabric Batting Coverable buttons Twine 8’’ long needle Staple gun Staples Staple remover (just in case!) Pliers Fabric marking pen Scissors Power Drill Instructions for Covering Buttons with Fabric: 1. You can find button forms in any fabric store 2. You just follow the instructions that come with the button forms. 3. Cut a piece of fabric with the template that is included. 4. Just fold the fabric under the teeth on the metal button. 5. Then take the cover and you just press it down – you can use a spool to apply pressure. Instructions for Construction: 1. You take your old beat up coffee table 2. Measure where you want to drill the holes for your buttons 3. Using quarters is an easy way to mark the spots for your buttons. Place the quarters and trace around them with a pencil. 4. With your power drill, drill holes where you've marked. 5. Remove the legs with your power drill. 6. Sand the legs and apron, and any other part of the wood that will be exposed. Wrap your sandpaper around a pencil to get into those hard to reach crevasses. 7. Start painting. 3 coats is recommended for wood with a darker stain. 8. Set aside legs to dry 9. Place the tabletop face up. Place foam on tabletop. Place the batting on top of the foam. Finally place the fabric on top of the batting. 10. Anchor the layered foam, batting, and fabric by threading the center button through the table. a. Turn table on its side. b. Thread twine through an 8'' needle and then thread the button. c. You can find the point of entry of the tabletop by feeling for the exit point on the bottom of the table. d. "Sew" the button through the table. e. Cut the needle from the twine, tying the twine in a knot. f. Pull the twine taut and staple to the bottom of the table. 11. Repeat step 10 for additional buttons. 12. Turn the table over , bottom facing up. 13. Reattach legs of table after paint has dried. 14. Cut excess fabric if needed. 15. Turn table right side up on its legs.